Portfolio #3 Units 4-5 Checklist

ā€¨Transferred items from Units 1- 3

1. Course Syllabus Packet (tree cover page/packet)
2. Academic Integrity and Anti-Bullying Policies Packet (white packet)
3. Sample Essay format (beige handout)
4. Title Techniques (blue handout)
5. Mythological and Archetypal Approaches (white packet)
6. Chapter 4 Topic Selection (lavender cover page/packet)
7. Chapter 20A Works Cited MLA (yellow cover page/packet)
8. "Becoming a Member of our Class Wiki" & Turnitin.com...record of your IDs and passwords (white handout)
9. SAT Power Plus Vocabulary word lists (green or purple packet)
10. ALL vocabulary work: exercises, illustrations, pretests, tests
11. Literature Circle #1 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian graded packet (beige cover page)
12. The Heretic's Daughter PACKETS
13. Literature Circle #2 The Heretic's Daughter - graded packet (blue cover page)
14. Literature Circle #3 Into the Wild - graded packet (green cover page)
15. Cultural Criticism Critical Theory (blue handout)
16. Cultural Criticism Pre-Writing Exercise (white chart/packet)
17. "Amtrak" Reaction Paper Assignment Sheet
18. "Amtrak" Reaction Paper w/ graded rubric
19. Cultural Criticism Assignment Sheet (blue handout)
20. Cultural Criticism Thesis statement/outlines/drafts
21. Cultural Criticism Final Draft/Rough Draft/Rubrics/Reflection
22. Portfolio 1 - Unit Evaluation
23. Portfolio 2 - Unit Evaluation

19. SAT prompt (graded packet)
20. SAT prompt: Mid-year Common Assessment (with assignment sheet and graded rubric)

21. Article #1 "Why I Wrote The Crucible" by Arthur Miller (white packet)
22. Article #2 "Beware the Loss of Conscience: The Crucible as Warning for Today" (white packet)
23. "Response Handout" Quote Analysis from Cerjak article
24. Article #3 - "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller
25. Biographical, Historical Essay Assignment sheet
26. Any and all notes, articles, outlines...etc.
27. Final Draft - w/ graded rubric attached

28. Midterm Exam (graded w/ rubric & Reflection Analysis)
29. Nature (1 page) Reflection: Define Nature using outdoor activity and Emerson's essay "Nature" (graded)
32. Romanticism & Transcendentalism Final Project (1-2 page analysis, graded)